As communities emerge from semi/lockdowns, I’m hearing clients and friends share (that although challenging at first) how much they’ve enjoyed this time at home. Some have appreciated the solitude to reflect, others have re-connected with family, both at home and abroad. There is a rising sentiment amongst many that they don’t want to ‘go back to normal.’ Normal wasn’t working.

We don’t have to go back to that. Ask yourself what you’re appreciating about this timeout. What are you learning/ how have you grown? Most importantly, what will you hold on to and let go of after the lockdown has been lifted?

The universe has pressed a ‘reset’ button, forcing us to live in the present moment and reevaluate our priorities. For most of us, we needed a pandemic to bring about this shift, because we live in our own stories, afraid to push boundaries. But, now that we’ve been forced to go without for months, we’re finally learning to look within for what really matters. It would be a shame to let this pass by as a freak, global event and resume where you left off a few months ago.

So, before you rush to your old frenzy, take a moment to pause and define your new normal. A normal that will bring you closer to your spirit.