What is Coaching?


It’s a process through which a coach facilitates an unlock in a challenge the client is facing.  This breakthrough generally leads to an improvement in performance in the given area or a change in direction as applicable.  Through a series of self-reflective questions, the coach guides the client to pave their path and create their own solutions.


“Coaching is unlocking a person’s potential to maximise their own performance. It is helping them to learn rather than teaching them.”

-John Whitmore, Coaching for Performance


Coaching is confidential, personal and reflective. It’s a safe relationship where you will feel supported, understood and challenged. However, it is not the same as training, counselling or mentoring. While these avenues are highly valuable in the right circumstances, they are different from coaching and should not be perceived interchangeably.


How do you know if coaching is right for you?


People seek coaching for a variety of reasons ranging from a desire to change career paths, performance blocks, navigating challenging relationships, enhancing leadership skills and other areas of personal development. If you’re not sure that your situation requires coaching, ask for an initial meeting to discuss further.


Get Unlocked through coaching:




If you’re interested to explore coaching, email Rinkoo Ramchandani at rinkoo@unlockedcoaching.com to set up an initial consultation of about 30 minutes to discuss your needs and understand more about the coaching process and fees.

Coaching programs usually consist of four or more sessions depending on the number of objectives. The meetings take place at a mutually convenient time and place every 2-4 weeks (in Hong Kong) or can be virtual if preferred.




“Rinkoo provided me with career coaching with a focus on various leadership skills and effectively transitioning to a new role and company. Rinkoo is an amazing coach and is a master of asking the right questions to get one to dig deep into yourself which made me more self-aware and work on my development areas. I built a lot of self-confidence after my coaching sessions with Rinkoo and this increased my performance within my organization. Rinkoo’s coaching also helped me to change my mindset which helped me to build better relationships with my co-workers. I recommend Rinkoo very highly for anyone who would like life or career coaching.”

Aytug Turk, Vice-President, Regional Operations, PVH Corp

“The coaching sessions with Rinkoo have been extremely rewarding. Through them, I have discovered my biased perception of my career path. Rinkoo is a phenomenal listener and empowered me with provocative questions to improve my performance, my thinking and my own expectations. This was done whilst creating a safe yet challenging environment. I can highly recommend Rinkoo to everyone who is committed to becoming more conscious and a better version of themselves. Thank you, Rinkoo”

Patricia Slawinska, ESG Private-Sector Engagement Consultant

“I highly recommend Rinkoo as your executive and career coach. The engagement with Rinkoo was extremely inspiring. We built a trusting partnership right away. She always listened to the unspoken thoughts and asked the right questions. She would challenge me to recognise my blind spots, reflect and take actions. Thanks to Rinkoo, I’m now more motivated, positive and confident than ever to take on my next leadership journey!”

Anonymous, Chief Human Resources Officer, Hong Kong

“It’s hard to put into words the amazing help working with Rinkoo as my career coach was for me. Her incredible insight, ability to cut through the noise, ask the right and tough questions, and get me to dig deep into myself provided so much guidance for the next steps in my professional life. When I first started working with Rinkoo, I was lost with no direction on where to go or even how to start. With Rinkoo’s help, after our 6 sessions together, I have so much clarity into multiple paths and plans & tools on how to approach each. If you open yourself up and put in the effort, Rinkoo’s coaching can truly get you on the right path.”

Aaron Driggers, Product Marketing Director
“Rinkoo helped me tremendously during my career transition. With her professional expertise and genuine care for client, she knows exactly when to challenge me with difficult questions, and when to give me candid guidance. I walked out with more clarity after each and every session. It was a transformative journey for me, and I highly recommend Rinkoo to anyone in need of a career coach!”
Joanna Tang, Opening and Optimisation Specialist, lululemon

“During my coaching sessions, Rinkoo was an invaluable thought partner and sounding board as I was navigating through a difficult time. She builds trust with her clients thoughtfully and wholeheartedly.  She listens without judgement, is ever encouraging, and challenges constructively with the utmost respect. I couldn’t be more grateful for the clarity and renewed confidence Rinkoo helped me find again.”

Anonymous, Senior HR Manager, New York City

“When Rinkoo launched Unlocked, I was at the front of the in line to become a client. From our previous work experience together, I was aware that her combination of industry expertise paired her natural ability to identify the root of a problem would make her a formidable coach. As her client, she provided me the space and guidance to breakout from my daily routine and target specific areas to question and enhance. At the conclusion of our first series together, I had a game plan to achieve my goals that felt authentically me. As a leader of an organization where supporting others is a key responsibility, I felt so much value in having Rinkoo giving me that same support.”

Andrew Polins, SVP, lululemon liaison office

I had the wonderful opportunity to work with Rinkoo over the past year. She is an incredibly diverse and insightful coach. She has an ability to read between the lines and to extract and identify key factors and skills to focus on. She helped me get clear on what I want to achieve, where I need to focus my efforts, and how to prioritize my time. Most importantly, with the clarity she gave me, I have ownership of my choices, and I am fully aware of the consequences of not pursuing my passion.” 

Jessica Reigle, Former Head of Community, Asia, lululemon

“Rinkoo coached a number of leaders at our organization. All those that she coached reported achieving breakthroughs in their self-awareness as involved and inspirational leaders and managers. Her pragmatic view of the world helped the leaders really understand their impact and behaviors rather than just discussing strengths and development areas in the abstract. Her coaching impacted our leadership team in a positive and meaningful way. I am pleased to recommend her as a coach.”

Monica Lynn Novomisle, Former Chief People Officer, APAC and Japan, Tory Burch

“During my coaching session, Rinkoo has very ingeniously established a strong and trusted relationship to allow me to open myself and unlock some critical blockers. It was an amazing journey to find out about the key drivers and the success factors in what I was looking for. Rinkoo has a unique ability to bring me to the bottom of some situations to allow me to clearly understand what was the best way to address a challenge or to develop a different and constructive approach. Rinkoo’s coaching had delivered to me more than expected and she has facilitated my professional transition in a way that I can feel confident and equipped to face my future role. A big thank you to her for this priceless contribution to my career development.” 

Remi Toucheboeuf, Head of Investment Analytics, BNP Paribas Securities Services

“I would like to thank Rinkoo from Unlocked Coaching for the excellent service she has recently provided me. I was recommended to Unlocked Coaching during a time in my career when there could have been some major changes at my workplace and I felt it worthwhile investing in her services to explore my future career opportunities, potential and direction. Rinkoo was able to explore areas that I never would have considered on my own, and her guidance and direction has greatly assisted me.”

Anonymous, Captain, Major Hong Kong-based Airline

“Rinkoo has been, and continues to be, an excellent and insightful aide as a coach for me. It has helped greatly to partner with Rinkoo this year as I navigated a return to Europe after a long period living and working in Asia. Able to ask the right questions, Rinkoo has the skill to quickly identify areas to focus on, and explore what might otherwise be within my own blind spots. I always come away with some new ideas to explore and develop after each session together.”

Ian Milne, Senior Manager, Amazon

“Rinkoo helped me to clear my mind and put everything on paper. Her coaching made me realise I don’t need to give up my whole business, instead, I just need to fine tune my business model in order to make my company sync with my heart, and make myself happy as well.”

Vincent Chow, Managing Director, Happy Kid-ult Yoga