Unlocked offers consulting in two areas primarily: Human Resources and Supply Chain.

Rinkoo’s career spanned both Supply Chain and Sourcing in the Sporting goods industry. Most recently, she spent 6 months as a contractor with Tory Burch Hong Kong supporting them with senior level recruitment, org design, project management and coaching.

Prior to that, she was with lululemon for 6 years, where she tripled the size of the Hong Kong office and created a presence in Taiwan, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. Before joining lululemon, she was SVP of the global sportswear business at Li & Fung and headed Sourcing operations for Puma. She started her career in the apparel and footwear industry with adidas in Germany and has since worked for them in Guangzhou and Hong Kong doing product development, supply chain, sourcing strategy and operations.

In her supply chain roles, Rinkoo has managed projects ranging from replenishment, product calendar streamlining, IT systems development and implementation to business process re-engineering. Rinkoo’s tenacity coupled with her acumen resulted in positive shifts in the business landscape and delivered significant financial savings to the companies she worked for.

Whether due to brand acquisition or re-alignment of department structures, Rinkoo led or worked on several marquee projects that resulted in sizeable re-orgs. Through candid consulting and strategy building, Rinkoo was able to support the organization through transition and integration with sensitivity and empathy, resulting in leaner and sustainable structures, supporting company growth and objectives. As a result of this experience, Unlocked is able to offer integrated consulting services. Whether you are looking for support on a specific project or interested in a thorough review across various business processes, Rinkoo can cater to your requirements while also supporting potential organizational re-structuring, and enhancing performance through individual coaching.

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I hired Rinkoo to work with the Tory Burch HK office for approx. 6 months as a consultant and coach. She supported us not only on Supply Chain but also on various HR-related matters including org design, senior-level recruitment, high-potential Manager coaching etc. I was very impressed with the diversity of skills she brings and her ability to operate in each area with the professionalism and experience of an expert.

Rinkoo connects well with people at all levels, and effectively navigates the complexities of the organization she’s in, making her a valuable and highly reliable member of the team. I strongly recommend her for any opportunity that requires Strategy and Operations expertise, as well as a nuanced understanding of people and culture.

Chris Callieri, Chief Supply Chain Officer, Tory Burch

Rinkoo has the diversity of experience that truly makes her the best in her field. First, she built a career leading complex teams and projects within the supply chain field. She has built offices from scratch, reset operating models, and managed some of the highest ROI projects in the business. Second, she is a trained, accomplished coach with the education and credentials at the highest level. This unique combination is like nothing I’ve seen from coaches or facilitators in the past. Her keen business acumen paired with knowing how to extract the best from people is a winning combination for any client to experience. I would highly recommend Rinkoo.

Andrew Polins, VP lululemon liaison office